Artists and Craftsman Using Concrete for Structure and Beauty.


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From zoos to aquariums we’ve made it all.  An African village? A Montana mountain range complete with animals? Or a tank for the kiddos to feel real sting rays? No problem. We can help you entertain, educate and engage.

• Zoological Exhibits

• Educational Exhibits

• Museums

• Aquariums

• Interpretive Centers


Concrete Solutions


13410 SE 52nd Street

Bellevue, WA 98006


"On three separate major shotcrete wall support projects in Alaska, we have worked with the Concrete Solutions team. All of the projects were design-built in remote locations in Alaska. So we depended heavily on Concrete Solutions to supply and mobilize all the needed materials, equipment, and labor. In each case his team performed superbly, on time, and on budget. Our clients were very pleased with the projects.  Concrete Solutions has been a pleasure to work with and we would use them again on any similar project."



– Rupert “Bucky”Tart

Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Golder Associates

Anchorage, AK